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Are you looking for high-quality plumbing installations or plumbing repairs in Fox Lake, IL? If you want to fix a small leak or require instant emergency plumbing repairs, Crystal Clear Plumbing can help. We’ve provided homeowners and businesses around Fox Lake, IL with the best innovative plumbing technology for years. We combine new plumbing techniques with the best in traditional methods that are proven to work, giving residential and commercial property owners the high-performance plumbing they expect at great prices. We also know the common plumbing repairs in the area because we’re a local business. Our team of plumbing experts is dedicated to getting your pipes, appliances, and entire plumbing system in the peak condition possible. 

Call us now at 815-459-4876 to schedule an appointment or ask about some of our services. We’re ready to get going solving any of your plumbing issues with quality solutions that work.

Get the Best Quality

It’s our goal to help each part of your plumbing system, from the faucets to the drains and everything in between work the way you need it to. We’ll partner with you on a bespoke design specific to your house or commercial property. Our large inventory of premium plumbing components and appliances is sure to have what you need at the right price. It’s our goal to get your plumbing in great shape that lasts for years to come. A long-term Crystal Clear Plumbing maintenance plan will help to avoid unexpected repairs that can be costly. We’re ready to become your trusted long-term plumbing contractor.

You can reach us today at 815-459-4876 to learn more about why we’re the preferred local plumber in Fox Lake, IL. We are the best option for everything from bathroom remodeling and sewer line repair to whole house repiping and clogged drain cleaning. We can handle every part of your plumbing, from small repairs to complete renovations, with the attention to detail you expect. We’re ready to work on your plumbing to make it the best it can be!