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Spot and Remedy the Effects of Hard Water

A lot of homeowners are dealing with significant hard water issues. They just can’t seem to get the dishes clean or have a hard time lathering soap when they’re in the shower. Hard water has a lot of signs you can be on the watch for. Often, people notice hard water when they see a grimy film on dishes and silverware even after washing. Hard water may seem like a minor inconvenience to some, but it actually can do long-term damage to your pipes and appliances. The growing buildup of minerals in your plumbing system can affect its performance and lead to emergency or costly repairs. Removing hard water is one of the services Crystal Clear Plumbing specializes in. We provide water softener installation around Crystal Lake, IL, as well as maintenance, to ensure the stability and health of your appliances.

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Signs You Need Water Softeners

Looking for signs of hard water is something you can do to prevent damage to your plumbing system or appliances. The sooner you identify hard water symptoms, the better off you will be when it comes to water softeners. Here are some things to look for:

  • Difficulty lathering soap
  • A chlorine smell in your water
  • Grime or film on dishes and silverware
  • Tap water that tastes bad
  • Dry hair and skin

The Benefits of Water Softener Installation

With the right water softeners, your appliances and pipes block mineral buildup that causes damage and makes your tap water taste poorly. Crystal Clear Plumbing specializes in water softeners, and we have a wide range of softener solutions at different prices to find the right solution for you. Protect your pipes and appliances with an expert water softener installation in Crystal Lake, IL. Call us today at 815-459-4876 to hear more about the benefits of water softeners and how installation and maintenance can protect your property. We can schedule the next possible appointment to get you better water quickly!

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